When it comes to providing office snacks we know that what we put in to our bodies will fuel the work we put out. With this in mind, from the start we’ve aimed to stock our office shelves with foods that are fresh, accessible and healthy.

What began as a shelf of vegetables in our orange Percolate fridge has expanded to organic almond butter, gluten free crackers and fresh fruit scattered all over the office. Sometimes we even get a little creative with our “pairings” and suggest snacks like avocado on rice cakes (don’t forget the sriracha drizzle) and The Elvis peanut butter & honey on banana.

So what’s the Percolate snack that never lasts long on our counter? Granola. Yep, we’re not fancy, just into the crunchiest, tastiest treat around on yogurt, with milk, or just straight out of the jar.

My recipe (Bear and Poppy) is in line with our thoughtfulness around what we produce – it’s gluten free, sweetened with honey, coconut oil, raw or toasted nuts and dried fruit.  I created this recipe, not only because we’ve got friends in the office that like their oats gluten free, but also because sometimes a simple, healthy treat is the best.

We want you to get in on the deliciousness so we’ve started jarring up fresh granola every week and sending it out by request. Stop by the office and pick up a jar – take it home (or eat it in the back of the cab on the corner of Mercer & Grand).  Bring the jar with you next time you come in and we’ll refill it for you. Healthy granola plus recycled jars? Win.