Our latest milestone on the road to enabling better content across every device is the exciting launch of Percolate Photographer for Android. Percolate’s first Android release, Photographer lets our Android mobile customers easily take, tag and sync photos to their Percolate Media Library. Percolate Photographer 2.0.1 for iOS, which introduced direct publishing to Pinterest from media libraries, has been available since December.

Android is a platform we are excited about in 2014 and are investing heavily in to keep delivering on the same promise: giving brands and agencies the best tools for their employees to easily create real-time marketing content.

If you’re a current Percolate customer you can download Android Photographer in the business section of the Google Play Store today. The app is compatible with Android 4.0 and up.

If you’re not a Percolate customer and want to learn more about how our Photographer App is helping brands like P&G’s Braun capture their best moments on mobile, come introduce yourself.