When I joined the Percolate design team earlier this year one of the things I was most excited about was how working with people from different backgrounds would shape me as a designer. Some of the team had focused specifically on web and mobile products, while others had worked across brand identity and communications. People had experience of working at agencies and startups from across the world. This brought interesting perspectives to our design approach.

Since we all came from different backgrounds, we were inspired by different things. We would all send that random email saying “hey, check out this” or “check out this new app”. I started bookmarking all of the emails that were sent around into a Percolate folder for future reference. But then I thought to myself, there should be a way where we can easily share anything with each other during the week and have a collection of all of these things for us to refer to at anytime.


A month after being on the team, I introduced Design Talk. Design Talk is a weekly meeting where the design team gets together and shares anything that inspires us. Some of the things we saw out of the first meeting were web apps like Proto.io, design publications like Offscreen, inspiring work from people like Stefan Sagmeister, and mobile apps that shared similar design sensibilities to Percolate.


After getting together we would send each other the links so that we could read them in more detail or refer to them in the future. At this point, I wanted an automated way to collect all of our bookmarks into a group where we could add more. This is when I discovered Kippt, a web platform to collect and share amazing things. This allowed us to bookmark any page and it would go to our group and be shared with all of us.

This was awesome, but we really wanted to make something that could share our inspiration with the wider team here at Percolate and our friends working in design. I went through multiple iterations of what this thing could be. It started out as a timeline of all of our weekly meetings, then turned into a weekly digest that would summarize all of the things we shared. I knew I wanted something automated so I could do less work but still share everything on the web. Since we were using Kippt to bookmark everything, I looked into if we can take these bookmarks and make them public. I found out I was able to do this with the Kippt API, which led me to building Design Talk.

Today we launch Design Talk. A new blog dedicated to sharing what inspires the design team here at Percolate. It represents who we are as a team, and why we build products and communications the way we do. We’ve launched the blog on Tumblr so you can follow us there if you’re interested in all things design. And this is really just the beginning, we have some big plans for Design Talk in 2014 which I look forward to sharing with you soon.

Oh, and did I tell you we are looking for designers to join our team? You should come work with us.

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