A few months ago we launched our first iOS app called Media Uploader. The idea was simple: Give brands an easy way to procure photos from employees and events. The app allowed anyone associated with the brand to take photos with their phone, tag them, and post them directly to the brand’s Percolate Media Library (without giving them access to any of the other functionality the brand wouldn’t want them messing with).

With a few months of usage under our belts we saw the opportunity to extend the app to solve another crucial need for brands. The new 2.0 version (which also comes with a name change to “Photographer”) includes the ability for the brand to access their Media Library on the go and post any photo directly to Instagram from the app.

If you’re a brand you know how much of a problem this solves. Because Instagram is still mainly focused on users it doesn’t allow brands to switch between accounts. This means there is usually just one “Instagram phone” around the office or in the hand of a community manager. If that person isn’t also the one out taking the photos there’s a painful process of getting the photos, saving the photos, and then posting them to Instagram. With the new version of the app the official Instagram poster can now watch the images stream in from employees and brand events and push them straight into Instagram in real time. 

The update is available in the app store now, so if you’re a Percolate customer you can head over and download it immediately.

If you’re not a Percolate customer and you’d like to learn more about the Instagram integration, or about our Photograph App Case Study with P&G’s Braun team, please be in touch. It’s awesome.