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A few months ago we released our first iOS app called Media Uploader. It allows everyone inside the company to contribute to the brand’s media library by taking photos with their phone and uploading them straight into Percolate (without giving them access to any of the brand’s social accounts or other data).

Today marks the launch of our second mobile product: Leaderboard.


The idea is simple: Give brand leaders an easy way to monitor the performance of their content across all their social channels and websites. The view makes it easy to scroll through and see the top posts from across the world organized by day, week, or quarter. We wanted to create an app that gave marketing leaders a reason to check-in frequently and compare one region to another.

We’re super excited about this and will be rolling it out to clients in the coming week (if you’re a client and want to use it, just head over to the app store and download the app).

As always, if you’re interested in this or any other feature please get in touch and request a demo. We’ll take you through all the amazing stuff we’re working on to help your brand create content in an entirely new way.