Today, Digiday posted a story I wrote called What Brands Can Learn from Newsrooms.

Here’s the intro:

In real-time marketing, the focus has largely been on the output: the home-run tweets, photos and meme-jacks that prove that brands live in the same internet world as the rest of us.

But behind those great moments — we all know them by now: all things OreoRed Bull’s homage to Daft Punkbrands that stumped for gay marriage and so on – is the real innovation: how it all gets out the door.

Fundamentally, to scale beyond one-off executions or creative ideas, real-time marketing requires an entirely different mode of content creation so that brand messaging is at home in-feed, where brands compete with both my friends and the news cycle for attention.

The whole story is available here. Does your brand need help building systems to scale content creation? If yes, get in touch.