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Have you challenged your brain today?
It’s Friday. Surely that means you should be taking a break? Not according to this piece by Intelligent Life, which argues that putting a few obstacles in your path might boost your brain’s creativity.

Brands must live at the intersection of Stock and Flow
Percolate co-founder James Gross pops up at Pando Daily talking about how successful brands stay culturally relevant in real time. Here’s looking at you, Oreo and Intel!

Fortune 100 Companies with the highest engagement on Twitter
Mashable summarizes recent research by Sling Digital showing Twitter activity for 31 Fortune 500 brands. Key finding: ‘just 8.8% of Twitter followers for each of these companies talk about or engage with it on the social network [because] most big brands are still using Twitter as a one-way publicity tool rather than using it to have a true two-way conversation.’

Is Facebook “broken on purpose” to sell promoted posts?
Tech media heavy weight Ars Technica weighs in on the question: Why Facebook, why you make it so hard to reach followers?

A weekend with the iPad Mini
iPad minis have started popping up at the Percolate office. If you’re in the market, here’s an comprehensive review from David Chartier (tl;dr? “really, really good”).

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