In December of last year we wrote a blog post about our seed funding. In it we outlined year one at Percolate and how we got to where we were (at the time 9 employees and the official launch of our “non-alpha product”). Here’s what we said about why we raised and what we were going to do with the money:

Up to this point we’ve been funding the company with money from clients (we’re up to eight) and the decision to take funding wasn’t one we took lightly. Ultimately we believed that the time is right for a product like ours and with the help of our partners we can really ramp up operations and bring Percolate to market in a real way. Needless to say, we’re stoked.

As for what we’re going to do with the money, the first order of business is to hire some more folks to spread the Percolate gospel. So, if you’re an engineer or sales person and want to work with an amazing team you should check our jobs page and apply.

It’s almost 11 months to the day of that post and I am excited to report that we are well on our way to executing what we set out to do with that seed round of funding.

Marketers are coming to us with their biggest challenges that intersect at real-time communication and the data their growing social audiences are giving off.

The team is up to 28 people and we have more than 30 Fortune 500 clients. This year has been a wild ride of growth on all fronts (product, business, company) and we’ve hit many milestones (profitability, version 3.0 of the product, an amazing list of blue chip brands).

At the time of our seed round, we made the decision that we would look to raise again when we felt like the only thing holding us back was that we needed even more people to help spread the word about what we’re doing at Percolate on a daily basis. Well, we reached that point more quickly than we could have imagined and decided to jump on the opportunity by raising our second round of financing with the objective of really scaling out our business and building the best software in the world to help brands create content at social scale.

To that end I’m incredibly excited to announce that we’ve raised a $9 million Series A financing led by GGV Capital with participation from existing investors First Round Capital, Lerer Ventures and many others.

We are super excited to have such a great group of investors and even more excited for what lies ahead. We feel the opportunity has never been better to build the next great enterprise software company headquartered in NYC and to get there we’ll need to continue to hire the most talented people in the world.

If you are an engineer or sales person (or account manager or designer) looking for an amazing place to work, check out our open jobs. I’m sure you’ll fit right in.