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How to use Twitter for conversation about an event, not just promotion
Some good tips here on using Twitter to facilitate, encourage and track conversation about an event – before, during and after.

The Top Four Trends Shaping Social Enterprise in 2013
TL;DR version: think beyond marketing; ‘the three-way between social, big data, and the cloud is where it’s at in 2013’; time to move from ad hoc and rogue social media initiatives to a comprehensive approach; educate, empower and inform.

How can your brand help your audience chill out?
We liked this piece from Ad-Age on how McDonald’s, Tetley Tea and mobile phone company Orange are helping their customers “take a break from being ‘always on'”.

Inside Quaker Foods’ Facebook Content Strategy
At the heart of Quaker Foods’ Facebook strategy? The importance of continuity: “We get to talk to consumers 365 days a year, several times a day.”

Twitter’s Number One Gift To The World Is The Art Of Brevity
Couldn’t have put it better ourselves: “you know what I appreciate about Twitter the most? Ushering in the notion of “brevity” for the entire Internets.” How good is your brand at the art of being concise?

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