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Should your brand adopt a ‘mean girl’ strategy?
Interesting discussion from BBH Labs around whether brands adopting a more ‘human’ persona online should also mean they adopt the less-than-nice traits people sometimes (often!) display on the internet. (Here at Percolate we think people should be excellent to each other. Anything else is just not…fetch)

Can ‘Native’ Ads Scale?
Digiday weighs in on whether native options offer enough inventory and flexibility fo advertisers: ‘Instead of annoying readers with ads that interrupt the experience, publishers are turning to branded content to supplement or, in some rare cases, replace standard display ads. But there’s one significant hitch: native ad products, by definition, can’t scale the way the dominant banner can.’

Why visual storytelling is the future of digital
Is your brand ready for the new demands – speed, scale, spontaneity – of visual storytelling?

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s a superfan.

A new study from Napkin Labs and reported by Mashable posits that only 6% of fans engage with a brand’s Facebook page. What’s a brand to do, especially as Facebook continues to tweak EdgeRank in favour of paid reach? Cultivate superfans: “on average, the engagement of each one of a brand’s 20 most engaged fans is equal to that of 75 average fans.”

Today in the Pinterest-ization of everything…
Who would have thought: the next big breakthrough in email management might come from AOL, which this week previewed a Pinterest-inspired visual approach to managing your inbox. Here’s Fast Co’s take: ‘the real secret sauce of Alto is the way users can navigate these various stacks. Traditionally, to find an attachment or photograph, you’d often have to search for that one message, from that one contact, containing that one file. But in Alto, all photos, attachments, and other stacks are presented visually, allowing for navigation that’s much easier than scrolling through never-ending pages of text-based lists.’ Where do we sign up?

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