After almost two years in business, Percolate has undergone lots of change: new employees, new spaces, new products. With that, we wanted our company pages to better reflect who we are as a organization. Today you’ll see new pages outlining our business, how we work, our culture, new job opportunities and a place to showcase our clients.

Here’s how we got there.

Our first round of company pages were a collection of facts and job descriptions, which worked well for a time. But as the company culture has taken root and become an inextricable part of how we do business, the new pages aim to give visitors a real sense of what we’re all about. The pages are designed to be that initial conversation on the Percolate story: from the story of our founders and mission to our clients and the immense change in brand marketing we help tackle.

Here are the questions our new online headquarters will answer:

Is the company solving an interesting problem?

1. Our Business: Here’s the company mission and an interview capturing the founders’ vision and passion. As we continue to build Percolate, we’ve included a timeline of the company milestones to date.

What are the team’s values and how do they work together?

2. How we work: Percolate is built around two teams: product and business. Our professional values, our thoughtful technology and content set the tenor for the entire company.

What are the people really like and how happy will I be at Percolate?

3. Our Culture: We love the culture we’re building and demonstrate that with a tour of the office and day-to-day life. Our people are crucial to maintaining a healthy and happy place to work, so here’s where you’ll meet the team, too.

What opportunities are available?

4. Jobs: The company is growing and fast, so we’ve included here the many opportunities to join the team and define the future of brand marketing. A career at Percolate means helping build a lasting culture and developing professionally.

So, have a look around. Stay awhile, get to know us and maybe we’ll see you (or your resume) some time soon.