Slide from a Percolate for Business presentation. 

Scott Roen of American Express riffed on Stock & Flow a bit in his interview with Fast Company.

Scott talked a lot about how a company like American Express can innovate, and he took an interesting approach to how flow is important to their overall business strategy.

Scott also stressed that finding a balance is the best way to avoid blind spots in creating new products and staying ahead of the competition:

Historically, we have been focused on developing stock, products and services that take time to create, but that last. Developing the next Ford automobile or Amex credit card takes time, months or possibly years. However, today, it feels important that we’re creating news and dialogues all day long. Tweeting, Pinning, Liking. The latter can seem all consuming, even distracting, but it is important to find new ways to create real authentic dialogue with customers and prospects. Stock AND Flow are both important and hence the blind spot. If you’re looking directly at one, you take your eye off the other. If you do that for too long you are likely to crash or at least not realize your full opportunity. There’s no easy way to correct this, you just need to find the natural balance that feels right. Be self-aware and course correct as you go.

As we build Percolate and learn from our clients we are becoming more confident that in order for a brand to scale their communication strategy, it needs to start with flow. And as that strategy evolves, brands need to allow flow to inform the bigger investments they make in stock content.