We’ve been thinking about this question for awhile and we wanted to take our best shot at answering. With the help of our friends at m ss ng p eces we’ve put together this video featuring some of our favorite curators ruminating on the topic.

Here’s how we explained our thinking around this over at PSFK:

Obviously it’s been a big subject of discussion over the last week, but we think there’s something bigger and more important about curation. It’s a way to create content in a very lightweight way and start to hone a voice and understand what works and what doesn’t. In hearing from these folks you get the real sense that most of them started doing what they do to satisfy their own curiosity. For most of them that curiosity transformed into full-fledged publishing as their simple act of sharing morphed into a hybrid publishing model: Combining third party content with their own original thinking to create something bigger.

Hope you enjoy.