For the last year we’ve been watching some of the other services offering similar features with a keen eye. One of the big players in the space is Summify, whose daily email product is very similar to our Daily Brew. Anyway, yesterday’s big news was that Twitter bought Summify and they’re going to be shutting down the service.

Immediately we thought we should offer Summify users a place to continue to get an email every morning with their top links of the day., a similar service, is letting Summify users know it’s a good place to go and we figured we’d throw our hat into the mix.

If you’ve looked at our homepage you’ll have noticed that we are focused on helping brands create content. This is our core business but it doesn’t mean we don’t care about the Daily Brew. On the contrary, the Daily Brew is an incredibly powerful tool for us to introduce the service to the world and get them talking about what we offer. The better we can bubble up interesting links for you, the better we can do it for our paying customers who access our dashboard product and push curated content around the web.

Okay, onto what the Daily Brew is all about:

  • Delivered daily at 7am, 4pm or 7am & 4pm
  • Content is bubbled up from your network on Twitter, Tumblr and feeds on Google Reader
  • Pure awesomeness

Great, so if you want to give it a shot you can sign up using our special Summify invite code. Get it while it’s hot.