On January 1st of this year James and I started Percolate. It was a bit scary to make the leap, but we were excited about the Percolate product and the space of helping brands create content. That month we started working on the publishing layer: Building a simple interface on top of the algorithm that would make it easy for brands to curate content for their social channels and .coms.

In March Reuters came on as our first client, licensing the API to power Counterparties. They were the perfect first client as we knew that Felix and Ryan would push the product hard (and they did, pushing 40+ stories on some days).

As they experimented with the early alpha version we prepared a public alpha for release. In July we pushed that out the door and began to show the world what we had been working on. By that point GE had joined the client list and the team was five strong.

Since then things have kept moving (faster than I ever imagined), culminating with the release of our full-featured product last week (and exit from “alpha” … whatever that means these days). Thanks to an amazing effort by the team (nine strong now) we pushed out a product we’re all incredibly proud of. The new Percolate.com brand dashboard makes it even easier for social editors to create content to push across the brand’s social presences. In addition, the analytics layer helps brands see how their posts are performing and even build out their interest graph by adding additional sources to their Percolate library.

With the official release of the new Percolate we’re also excited to announce that we’ve raised our first round of funding from an incredible group of investors. Leading the round are the excellent folks from First Round Capital. Joining FRC are Lerer Ventures, SV Angel, Transmedia Capital and Advancit as well as angels Dave Morin, Rick Webb, Paul Woolmington, Nick Gross, Josh Spear and Jerry Neumann.

Up to this point we’ve been funding the company with money from clients (we’re up to eight) and the decision to take funding wasn’t one we took lightly. Ultimately we believed that the time is right for a product like ours and with the help of our partners we can really ramp up operations and bring Percolate to market in a real way. Needless to say, we’re stoked.

As for what we’re going to do with the money, the first order of business is to hire some more folks to spread the Percolate gospel. So, if you’re an engineer or sales person and want to work with an amazing team you should check our jobs page and apply.

Finally, I’d be remiss to not give huge props to the team here at Percolate. As proud as I am of the product we’ve built, I’m more proud of the team of people. We’ve got an amazing group of folks who are talented, passionate and excited. It’s awesome to get to come to work every day and I honestly believe we can do anything with the team we’ve got.