We had our first internal hack day last week and here’s a little write up on we got up to. The goal of day was simple: Get everyone together to make awesome stuff powered by Percolate.

There were only 2 rules:

1) Everybody must do something that is outside of their day to day skills.

2) You have 12 hours to complete your hack.

With these rules in mind, 2 teams were assembled.


Team 1 – Reaction print

Team 1 set out to build an Arduino hack that would print out the reaction tags being published by the Percolate community.

In order to build the printer, the team needed to combine a few different pieces of hardware and then write a little code to make it talk to the website. Let’s look at how they tackled this.

The team started putting the hardware together:

Next up, the team assembled the software to write to the printer from the Arduino and pull tags from the site:

After a few tweaks and some serious muscle the team got the printer talking to the software. BOOM:

Awesome work by team 1 and this printer continues to crank. We bought enough paper to last us about a week. Although, let’s assume the roll from Friday is fresh out over the weekend.


Team 2 – Percolate Radio

Team 2 set out to tell the story of the Percolator through sound. We asked ourselves ‘What if you could listen to the machines powering Percolate?’.

Meet Percolate Radio; a radio station powered by the ‘music’ of the Percolate machines. We chose 5 different instruments to represent the machines – to play at the speed they run in the system. We wanted to see if we could harmonize a system that is constantly churning and depending on load, churning at different speeds.

Let’s introduce Percolate’s engine in 5 steps. 1 step per beat.

1: The Runners. Beat: Bass

2: The Cleaners. Beat: Violin

3: The Matchers. Beat: Bell

4. The Judges Beat: Water Drop

5. The Brewers. Beat: Achord

Team 2 needed to write an algorithm to deal with the variance of instruments and build a harmony that would give anyone that wanted to tune in to Percolate Radio an understanding of how the system is performing. Hopefully, in a nice, little harmony.

Hello Percolate Radio.

Is this live on the internets?

Not just yet. Team 2 couldn’t get this live without the browser crashing in the allotted 12 hour timeframe. But have no fear audiophiles. We love this idea and want to see it go live so everyone can listen to sound of Percolate.

All in, our first hack day was a blast. Expect to see more of these and we hope to open it up to other hackers next time around.

See you soon,

Team Percolate