From the beginning, Percolate has been a platform built by marketers for marketers. Since then, we’ve continuously delivered features that solve some of the most pervasive and fundamental challenges that marketing organizations face on a daily basis. Our mission is to build the System of Record for Marketing®, and this quarter we’ve taken a huge leap toward that end with a truly game-changing set of new features.

For a detailed introduction to all of our updated features, current customers should visit our Success Center. Here are a few of the highlights:

Introducing: the Future of Marketing Calendars

The modern marketing organization needs a way to manage the increasing complexity of coordinating marketing activity. Whether this be working with multiple regional teams to deliver a coordinated global launch or delivering a sophisticated layered integrated marketing campaign, marketers need a calendar that can handle the scale of a digital world.

The new Percolate Marketing Calendar is, we believe, the best marketing calendar system ever built. It allows marketers to see all the activity in their organization, across the globe, through channels, and for all brands in one place.

The ability to visualize and group campaigns and content by strategic pillars, product lines, regions, themes, and other custom fields makes the Percolate Marketing Calendar the ultimate marketing planning system. With flexible and configurable views at both the campaign and creative level, Percolate puts your entire team on the same page, while allowing each individual to see a calendar that reflects the goals and needs of their job.

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