The true challenge of modern marketing, as we’ve stated before: there’s more and more marketing content to produce, but little in the way of budget growth.

Plus, the dynamics of customer attention just aren’t on marketing’s side. As audiences flee traditional media like television sets in favor of spending more time on mobile, the amount of content you’re going up against — video clips, music albums, entire seasons of TV shows, and social media — is intimidating, even as they create new opportunities for reaching out (like pre-roll ads on YouTube and promoted tweets). On top of that, ad-blocking means people can take action if they don’t like the way you reach out.

The remedy isn’t a mystery. Our industry, as a whole, has known for a while that content marketing is the answer — marketing that goes beyond delivering an ad impression to provide utility or entertainment value. What we’ve struggled with, rather, is figuring out how to generate that creative content efficiently and at scale. Despite the endless debates on the subject, no one wants to sacrifice quality or quantity when it comes to content marketing strategy.

We covered how to get closer to having our cake and eating it too earlier this week.

Our director of integrated marketing Chris Bolman and guest presenter Laura Ramos, Principal Analyst from Forrester Research Inc., hosted a webinar on how to design, execute, and measure a successful content marketing program.

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