Justin Koufopoulos – Feb 26th, 2015

Doing real-time marketing well at a live event is hard. Take the Oscars. Traditionally, brands have hired event photography teams, assembled agency war rooms and built large production operations around editing, transferring, approving and distributing creative that’s “in the moment.”

Staffing these war rooms and production environments is expensive, while coordinating between different brand, agency and vendor teams is complex, complexity that often creates inefficiency. In fact, research by the Boston Consulting Group indicates that the world’s largest companies could save 10% to 20% of their entire advertising budget with a systematic review of their marketing processes and non-working dollars.

With digital driving higher expenditures in non-working advertising costs, CMOs and their marketing budgets are under greater scrutiny, and marketing leaders are under more pressure to demonstrate campaign ROI. In Percolate’s recent study of nearly 200 senior marketing executives, 47% listed “measuring the ROI of our campaign” as their greatest challenge.

At the same time, CEOs are looking to the CMOs to lead digital transformation across their organizations. Chief marketing technologists are becoming more commonplace, and marketers are partnering with IT to purchase systems to help complete this transformation.

Real-time marketing is a systems challenge

We’ve talked about real-time marketing before. Sometimes it can be really effective.

In 2013, British Airways and Ogilvy partnered to create interactive digital billboards in London. The digital screens showed children standing up and following the path of overhead British Airways aircraft when the planes approached.

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