The following is the first part of a series from our Creative Director, in which she interviews brand and creative strategists, copywriters, and designers about their careers, lives, and perspectives.

Lauren Demarest has created her own universe that spans the Met, Central Park, her apartment in a prewar building on the Upper East side, and the McCann offices in midtown. In this interview she talks about how she always knew she wanted to be in advertising, her circuitous path to McCann, and finding a home somewhere between the visual world and the writing world.

We were introduced to each other by our mutual friend Alex, an Art Director here at Percolate, about six months ago. He’s told me you’re the most creative person he knows. Where does your creativity come from?

That’s so nice of him! My dad bought me my first sewing machine when I was five, and I started to put together random bits of lace, weird fabric, rabbit pelts, and all kinds of strange things into creations that my mom actually let me wear to school. I think having the freedom to dress myself in whatever I wanted sparked something creative in me very early.

I’ve always known that I wanted to be in advertising. My favorite show as a kid was called Bewitched, and it was about this modern and lovely witch who was married to an advertising creative named Darrin. The episodes that included him were always my favorites because he would have this big paper and write and draw about soup or something and all of a sudden you would see that he’d come up with something and he’d be like ‘That’s it!

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