Films are a great way to communicate. They have more personality than static images, high energy if you do them right, and the ability to make your audience feel something. They also take a lot of time to make. At Percolate, just like at any fast growing company, we move too quickly to have time for a three month production schedule. The solution we found is to make the films ourselves. It’s a daunting task that requires a wide range of skills including script development, creative direction, set design, lighting, video, audio, motion graphics, and post production. But with the right people on your in-house creative team and great partners on your marketing team, it’s possible.

This post outlines how we went about it for our latest product film ‘Percolate 101’, from the team and equipment involved, to the process and timeline we developed.

1. Starting with the brief

As a creative team at Percolate, we service our marketing team similar to an agency -client relationship. This basically means that the marketing team develops the brief, and we execute the project.

The objective for our ‘Percolate 101’ film was to create a 90-second answer to the question ‘What is Percolate, and how does it work?’

Beyond the campaign objective, the brief also provided information about our target audiences, where the film will be used, desired outcomes, and the product messaging and positioning.

To call it an agency - client relationship is a bit of an exaggeration.

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