Pinpoint Your Content Issue with Our Handy Chart

Back in the old days (back when a phone was a thing you used to make voice calls, back when watching TV shows on demand meant recording them on your VCR, back when a “gig” was something your musician cousin lined up), the limiting factor in marketing was how to get in front of your audience. Read More

What Marketing Operations Needs to Know About ABM

Marketing operations is vital for the future of marketing, working diligently behind the scenes to build the foundations for success in a digital, data-powered world. Read More

Creating More Content, Without More Resources

“Content is king” may be a well-worn trope by now, but it’s repeated so often because it’s still true. Read More

The Secret to CX Success? Orchestration.

Last year, 68% of marketing leaders told Salesforce they’re “increasingly competing on the basis of customer experience.” If anything, that number has probably only gone up since – meaning that for most marketers, customer experience (CX) is integral to their strategy. Read More

Introducing Percolate Proof

Delivering great marketing takes more than just great marketers. Perfecting the working relationship between marketing and creative is essential to producing campaigns that impact customers and the business. Read More

Ushering in A New Era of Data-Driven Marketing Operations

Today we’re announcing two major pieces of news, both of which support our mission to unlock the potential of marketers. Read More

Our Favorite Campaigns from the First Half of 2019

Hard as it may be to believe, we’re already nearly halfway through 2019. Read More

Your B2B Marketing Tech Stack Guide for 2019

The marketing technology field has never been this crowded – or this complex. Read More

Introducing the Percolate Partner Program

Percolate is on a mission to unlock the potential of marketers.  By unifying marketing operations in one platform, we provide marketers worldwide with the visibility, control, and insights needed to scale and run campaigns effectively. Read More

How Land O’Lakes Delivers Impactful Marketing at Enterprise Scale

Each spring, Land O’Lakes’ Purina business unit puts on its annual Chick Days campaign, focused on reaching people who are new to raising chickens. Read More

How To: Build A Customer Journey You’ll Actually Use

Creating a solid map of your customer’s journey is a fundamental part of customer experience (CX) marketing. Read More

How Marketing Strategies Fail (and How to Make Sure Yours Doesn’t)

There’s a saying that “failure to plan is planning to fail.” That’s certainly true, but the sad truth is planning doesn’t guarantee success. Read More