Victor Gamez – May 21st, 2015

If brands had a choice in the matter, they’d opt to never annoy their customers. The reality is that failing to meet the expectations of some people is inevitable, and buyers are using social platforms to make their grievances heard.

The silver lining, as I said in my previous post, is that your replies to customer issues on social are valuable “response marketing” opportunities. You can take the chance to broadly reinforce your brand identity whenever you make a public reply.

As with other areas of brand management, you’ll need to deploy people, processes, and technology to do response marketing right. But first—what does doing it “right” mean? Three things:

Doing it effectively: Your response should both reinforce your brand identity and help the customer make progress on resolving their issue Doing it fast: The faster you respond, the better. Forty-two percent of people who have complained on social media have said they expect a response within an hour, one study found. Doing it consistently: Responding effectively and quickly doesn’t mean much if you can only do it once. You need the processes and tools to do the above in a scalable, repeatable way.

Below are some of the things Marketing needs to meet those criteria.

1. Robust monitoring capabilities

To resolve issues you need to first find them, but differentiating complaints on social media from irrelevant noise can be tough when they’re in the form of Facebook posts to a personal news feed, or tweets that don’t @mention your brand.

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