MoSo 2014: Highlights From Canada’s Conference on Mobile and Social

About two weeks ago, I went up to Saskatoon for MoSo 2014 — Canada’s leading conference on Mobile and Social. It was the fourth year they’ve run the event and about 450 people came — split pretty evenly between designers, developers, marketers & social media people, and entrepreneurs. What’s neat is that in addition to all the great speakers, MoSo also hosts over 60 artists from across Canada to play at venues across town.

MoSo offers Design and Coding Camps on the first day where a smaller group of folks can dive into a design technique or new piece of technology. I got to run the Coding Camp last year, where we looked into Electric Imps, devices which makes it easy to get things online and that was a lot of fun, so it was great to reprise in 2014. (more…)


Running Through Fire: the Percolate team at Spartan Race

I’ve worked at several technology start-ups before and they all have promoted an active and healthy lifestyle. But Percolate takes this to the next level. Not only do we enthusiastically host IAOFC (informal afternoon office fitness club) three times a week (take your pick of squats, planks, or push ups) but we recently took a field trip to upstate NY to take part in Spartan Race.

If you’re not familiar with Spartan Race, it’s a series of obstacle races of varying distance and difficulty ranging from 1 mile to marathon distances run by a company called Peak Races (a Percolate client). This particular one, hosted on June 1st in the fancy-sounding Tuxedo, NY, was 4.5 miles of uphill running and mountain scaling with ten obstacle challenges distributed throughout the race. (more…)


Hello London: Celebrating Our First International Office

Since our founding in 2011, Percolate has opened offices in New York City, Austin, and San Francisco. But our vision has always been to create a global company — earlier this year, we broke ground in our first international office in London, U.K.

To celebrate our official arrival in London, our Co-Founders Noah and James flew across the pond from New York to host our London launch party. Along with our London team, we assembled a brilliant crowd to help us mark the occasion with equal parts champagne and homemade granola. We may have also had an eye on the World Cup as the Netherlands crushed Spain in an epic 5-0 victory. (more…)


Introducing the Longform Editor

Creating content has been a part of Percolate since our founding in 2011, when Noah and James sought to address brands’ biggest challenge: figuring out what to say, and how to say it. From its early incarnations as a curation tool — “brew”-ing sources and interesting, newsworthy content for clients to share — Percolate has evolved into an advanced platform with technology that helps brands create and publish original content to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, Drupal and other marketing channels.



Client Solutions: The Team That Bridges Business and Product

As a technology startup, we aim to build great products for marketers and we’re proud of the design and engineering teams that release those products. But great products are not worth much if they don’t get used: key to our success is helping clients understand, use, and love our products.

Today, we pull behind the curtain on the incredible people in Client Solutions who work with our clients to unleash the full power of Percolate. Collaborative problem-solvers, these men and women help us serve a diverse and world-class roster of clients, while providing key input that helps the product team even more awesome technology. (more…)


World Cup in Transition: How Social Transformed the World’s Biggest Game

As we prepare to host our first conference, Transition, we’re doing a series of posts covering how the way we live, work, and play are changing.

The 2014 World Cup is in full swing and has lived up to it’s name as the globe’s biggest sporting event. As passionate sports fans, Percolate has not been immune to the soccer, excuse us, football fervor that’s caught the entire planet. It’s not uncommon to hear cheers of victory or wails of defeat across the office as our favorite teams battle it out.

As an event that only occurs once very four years, we’ve been thinking about how much has changed since the last World Cup, held in South Africa in 2010. (more…)


What We Look Like At Work

On my first day at Percolate, I stumbled upon a digital treasure trove inside our company Dropbox. There was a stunning portrait collection of very good-looking, happy people – many of whom I recognized. It turns out I had discovered the Percolate employee headshots directory.

Intrigued, I e-mailed our photographer-in-residence Kara Fein, who promptly let me know that a photo session would be scheduled for the following week — to accommodate the six (!!) new hires, and anyone else who wanted another shot in the spotlight (read: everyone).


We’ve always had an interest in documenting our culture, but it has really stepped up over time, mostly notably in the summer of 2013, when Sofia Hoflin (communications designer and diary-enthusiast) joined us. Our collective Percolate lives —  meetings, coffees, laughs, debates, World Cup viewings, lunch, boxing club, yoga, hacking, espresso-training, espresso-makin— have all been meticulously captured and preserved.



Guy Kawasaki on Design, Branding, and Future of Marketing

When it comes to marketing and technology, few people have seen and done more than Guy Kawasaki. He was Chief Evangelist for Apple during the Macintosh-era, started several technology companies, ran a venture capital firm, wrote books like APE, Enchantment, and The Art of the Start, and was a special advisor to the CEO of Motorola.

Now he’s resurrected the chief evangelist title for a new company: Canva.

We’ve written about Canva before — it’s a tool that makes creating great design simple for everyone. They’ve got a nice tutorial on how to create a beautiful blog graphic in just a few steps.

Recently, we sat down with Guy to talk about how Canva is democratizing design, how technology has impacted marketing, and why the future of brands lies in the Fortune Five Million. (more…)


The Internet in 2025: Where To Next?

In March, the Pew Research Center released a research report analyzing the future of the internet, the web and other digital assets. The results were compiled from a survey of over 2500 internet analysts, scholars and industry experts like a professor from MIT’s Computer Science and AI Lab, a senior writer for the NYTimes, a VP and chief internet evangelist at Google and scores more.

This report contains a comprehensive list of the theories the survey respondents believe about the internet in 2025. These experts’ predictions provide a great insight into the trends and future of the enterprise — we’ve highlighted some of the most relevant points for marketers and offered our perspective.



Tell Better Stories by Keeping a Diary

We all know that storytelling is a powerful tool to connect with an audience – but how are great stories created? I’ve found keeping diaries to be really helpful when trying to tell a story — about a trip, a piece of design, or even a company.

Road Trip Diaries

The first time I realized that diaries could be used to inspire design projects and tell stories was on a summer road trip in 2010. While driving around the U.S. with a friend in a Plymouth Voyager, I kept a diary where I wrote down little notes every day, took heaps of photos, and used a Flip camera to record video. After the trip ended, I realized that between the diary and all the photos and footage, I had collected a huge amount of content that I could turn into cool stuff. Below are some of the magazine layouts and illustrations made from that trip.

Road Trip Diary (more…)

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