Monday, January 28 is Community Manager Appreciation Day or #CMAD as it’s more commonly referred to on Twitter. Started in 2010, #CMAD celebrates all the hard work that community managers (#CMGRs) do, often behind the scenes, to keep a brand’s audience engaged.

To celebrate #CMGRs, Percolate is hosting a small invite-only event expanding on our SPEAKEASY Happy Hours called SPEAKEASY #CMAD. It’ll be a day full of learnings from brands, agencies and platforms including incredible speakers from LinkedIn, Denny’s, Getty Images, GE, MasterCard, Tumblr, IPG Media Labs and American Express. Here’s the final agenda:

9:30-10:00 – Breakfast
10:00-10:20 – State of the Industry – Noah Brier, Percolate
10:20-10:30 – Discussion
10:30-10:50 – Building your brand on LinkedIn – Keith Cowing, LinkedIn
10:50-11:00 – Discussion
11:00-11:10 – Email/bathroom break
11:10-11:30 – Building a brand through memes – Tyler Fonda, Denny’s
11:30-11:40 – Discussion
11:40-12:00 – Building a new community from scratch – Adam Sandler, American Express
12:00-12:10 – Discussion
12:15-1:00 – Lunch
1:00-1:20 - Why should Tumblr be your social hub? – Danielle Strle, Tumblr
1:20-1:30 – Discussion
1:30-1:50 – How GE became a content company – Jon Lombardo, GE
1:50-2:00 – Discussion
2:00-2:20 - How the Corporate Newsroom turned Community – Jennifer Stalzer, MasterCard
2:20-2:30 – Discussion
2:30-2:50 – Co-Create with Getty Images: Your Content Solutions Partner – Matthew Murray, Getty Images
2:50-3:00 – Discussion
3:00-3:10 – BREAK Coffee, email
3:10-3:30 – Pepsi NEXT & TaskRabbit Test Boundaries of Community Sampling – Kristin Maverick, The Barbarian Group
3:30-3:40 – Discussion
3:40-4:00 – Building an internal community of innovators to be a signal for innovation externally – Jack Pollock, IPG Media Labs
4:00-4:10 – Discussion
4:10-4:20 – Closing thoughts from Percolate – Noah Brier

We’re looking forward to hosting all the folks who’ve RSVP’d and we’re opening a few spots for the first community managers to email me at I’ll reply with details on how to RSVP.

Hope to see you soon.

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