The Joy of Riding in New York City in the Spring

Percolate is proud to be an official sponsor of the 2014 New York City Bike to Work Challenge (May 12-16) and we’ll be writing about our love for cycling here on the blog.

Writing about cycling could go in so many directions for me; I could spend columns discussing the value of a domestique like Sky’s Richie Porte and how I believe he won last year’s Tour De France for Chris Froome. To tips on how breathing deeper into your chest will prevent neck pain over a long ride. But instead, I’d prefer to touch on just the pure joy that is riding in New York City. It is spring after all.

New York City may not be thought of as a great place to be a cyclist, but the truth is it is wonderful. My personal moments of joy come from riding laps of Prospect park early on weekday mornings, pacing against a pack practicing for weekend races. Crossing the Manhattan bridge never disappoints, it much less cluttered and traveled than the Brooklyn or Williamsburg and the view from the north side is just as awesome. (more…)


17 Simple Tools That Help Modern Marketers Save Time and Effort

Being a marketer is a tough job.

Between putting out the latest fire, turning around a piece of content, tracking the performance of your ongoing campaigns, meeting with clients, partners, and vendors, staying on top of industry news, and actually blocking out time to think strategically about the big picture, it seems like the days and weeks can blur together. Time is always slipping away from us.

Just as technology has transformed how consumers socialize, communicate, discover products, and make purchases, it is transforming how we work as marketers. That’s in fact our vision at Percolate: to transform marketing through technology.

We’re proud of the complete marketing technology platform that we’ve built and we’re constantly working to make our technology help marketers be more efficient, effective, and consistent with their efforts. And in that quest to do more in less time, here are a few simple tools that might be worth checking out. (more…)

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Why Is YouTube Running Print Ads in NYC?

I looked up one night while taking the subway home and noticed some ads for YouTube. They were highlighting three popular creators: Michelle Phan, a make up vlogger, Bethany Mota, who does fashion and beauty, and Rosanna Pansino, a popular baking YouTuber.

At first I was a little confused about the ads. Arguably the web’s second largest search engine, YouTube gets over 1 billion unique visitors a month, which means the majority of internet users have encountered the video platform. Why are they now running print ads in NYC subway trains? (more…)

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Why Twitter Wants Brands to Plan Content

UPDATE: The Client Solutions team at Percolate put together a handy list of 60 US holidays and when they happen in 2014. Download our free Brand Event Content Planner.

As Twitter looks to expand globally as a communication channel for businesses of all sizes, the social giant is trying to help brands figure out what to talk about.

The Twitter for Business team for UK + Ireland recently released a calendar to help companies plan tweets around events. Covering just April and May to start off, the calendar lists about 30 unique events in categories like Season, TV, Sports, and Culture – some are global like Easter Sunday, while others, like Bloom Flower Show Dublin, are more region specific. Each event has a very light “tip” associated with it and the option to add it to Outlook or Google Calendar.

Branded as #OwnTheMoment, the site has a very experimental feel to it, and it looks like they want to offer more, but aren’t sure exactly what that might be. So what’s the play here?



How We Designed Percolate’s Quarterly Report

Last week we released the first Percolate Quarterly Report. With this post I‘m going to share the thinking and design process behind our new report format.

The project began when we started kicking around the idea of publishing an annual report at the end of 2013. We were keen on telling stories around what it’s like to build a technology company. As we started to think about what such a report might actually entail, it didn’t take long for us to realize that it’s really hard to remember all the things that happened over the course of a year.

To produce a report we’d be really proud of, we would need to come up with a system for how to easily capture everything that went down across tech, design, business, culture and more. How would this happen? (more…)


What Brands Can Learn from the Katherine Heigl Lawsuit

As the largest drugstore chain in New York City, Duane Reade has a major presence both physically in the city and online. They boast over 2M followers on Twitter and 101k likes on Facebook. They’re even featured as a case study by Twitter as a business that effectively used rich media, promoted tweets, hashtag campaigns to see a 67x increase in followers year over year.

But because of the massive challenges that come with social content, the brands that perform the best are also the ones that move the fastest. And sometimes speed can lead to a stumble.

The $6M Lawsuit

On March 18th, Duane Reade posted a photo of actress Katherine Heigl holding Duane Reade bags on the company’s Twitter and Facebook accounts. The tweet read: (more…)

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Three Myths About Social Platforms Debunked

At Percolate, we’ve developed a set of ideas we call the building blocks of marketing. They’re essentially things that marketers need to consider whenever they create and publish a new piece of marketing content. The final building block in this series is Platform.

At it’s core, marketing is about reaching a targeted audience with a specific piece of brand content. Platforms set the stage for content, without them there would be no way to reach our customers and prospects.

While the brands we talk to tend to be very tapped into the rapid evolution of social platforms, we’ve noticed that there are a few crusty ideas that can sometimes lead marketers astray. We’d like to clarify a few of those myths here. (more…)


Thoughts on Building a Design Driven Company

A few weeks ago, I went along to the Bloomberg BusinessWeek Design Conference. Having come across the event earlier in the year, I was curious to hear what the speakers (from companies like Asana, Frog Design, and Gap) would share around the role design plays inside their organizations, and how this has changed as they’ve grown and taken on new challenges.

Here are my takeaways from that sunny day in San Francisco:

Evaluate Purpose

Regularly taking a step back and focussing the team on your core mission is vital for companies of all shapes and sizes. Evaluation brings priority to design decisions. (more…)


Onboarding at Percolate

A great way to see how much a company values culture is through the way it onboards new employees. I started working at Percolate in the Growth team about a month ago and was immediately taken aback by how comprehensive and thoughtful the onboarding process was here.

I’ve worked at startups, inside the federal government, and even developed onboarding practices as a startup founder, and this has been the most exceptional process I’ve seen by far. That’s particularly impressive when you consider that Percolate started 2013 with 27 people and now we’re close to 110 with about 30 job openings in NYC, SF, Austin, Chicago, & London.

In this post, I’ll talk about Percolate’s current onboarding process and why I think it works so well. (more…)


Engagement is Not a Business Objective

At Percolate, we’ve developed a set of ideas we call the building blocks of marketing. They’re essentially things that marketers need to consider whenever they create and publish a new piece of marketing content. One of these ideas that we often see overlooked, especially when it comes to marketing on social platforms, is Business Objective

Marketing, ultimately, is a business discipline and each piece of marketing communication should be attached to an objective or set of objectives established by the brand. While a brand might measure metrics such as followers, likes, retweets and mentions, those numbers are essentially raw data. Unfortunately, we often see brand marketers treat these numbers as the final outcome of their effort. To really understand the full picture of their marketing content’s impact on audiences, brands need to tie that social engagement with more fundamental objectives. (more…)

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